The Natural Deodorant

Enjoy handmade natural deodorant that really works and a range of natural skin products, body butters, hand, foot and lip balms made using organic and fair trade ingredients.


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Who is involved in the business?

I am Naomi, owner of The Natural Deodorant. I make all of the products from my workshop in Topi Topi. My partner Glenn, a videographer, also helps out when he can.  


How did you get started in your own business?

The business developed organically based on the simple proposition that I couldn’t find a decent natural product that worked. For many years I made my own deodorants and skin care products for myself and would also gift them to my friends. My friends loved the products and would regularly ask me why I didn’t sell them, so I thought I would give it a go!

What prompted you to start The Natural Deodorant?

We moved to our property about 8 years ago and it was quite an impulsive move. We had been living and working in Sydney but had both spent years living overseas. I had spent a lot of my childhood in the country in Victoria and was tired of big cities and yearned to be back in the peace and quiet and to raise my kids the same way and keep life simple. I knew that to make the move work, I would need to bring a job with me that allowed me to work from home.


What products do you make?

We hand make all natural deodorants that really work. They come in 5 different essential oil blends and contain only a handful of natural and organic and fair trade ingredients. Our deodorants are available in paste form, packaged in reusable glass jars with wooden spatulas, or in wind-up stick form. We also make natural and organic skin products such as face & body oils, body butters, hand, foot and lip balms.

Our ingredients are of high quality and sourced from other Australian businesses. We don’t use cheap or inferior ingredients as they have usually been highly processed and it’s not what you would want that on your skin.

We are always trying to improve my products, tweaking them here and there, looking for ways to make it more sustainable while keeping it all local.


What are your core business beliefs?

We believe in using the highest quality ingredients and minimising the use of excessive packaging and plastic.

We believe in being part of making changes to the way we have been living. Keeping it simple and going back to local production of foods and products and leaving a better world for our kids to inherit.

What does it mean to you to be part of the Great Lakes Food Trail?

I love this community, there are a lot of like-minded people here who really do care, and are passionate about what they do and why they do it. I love that so many have jumped on board and embraced this initiative. Local production is the way I believe things have return to.

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