Wild Temple Naturals

Wild Temple Naturals is a small scale artisan perfumery that creates unique natural fragrances and soaps utilising locally grown and harvested botanicals.


Contact April McKay
Call: 0414 811 804
Email: wildtemplenaturals@gmail.com

Website: www.wildtemplenaturals.com.au . Find us on Facebook: WildTempleNaturals
Find us on Instagram: wild_temple_naturals

Who is involved in the business?

I’m April and I own Wild Temple Naturals. I make all of my products in my home in Forster. I grew up in Forster and returned with my young family 17 years ago after finishing my Environmental Science degree and have since been working in natural resource management and environmental education.

My partner Joel and I have always had wild and productive gardens based on permaculture principles and I have been actively interested in urban farming for many years now. I have dabbled in making body products over the years but I’ve always been intrigued at how powerful our olfactory senses are and the way a smell can trigger a memory or feeling. I found that a lot of those familiar fragrances were all around me in my garden, in nature, at the beach, or bushwalking so I began making natural, wild, botanical perfume.


How did you get started in farming?

I have always been invested in nature and the environment and have worked in the field my whole adult life. I also enjoy being creative and blending fragrances for natural perfumes from my urban farm is the perfect balance for me. We have always grown a lot of our own food and challenged ourselves to be as productive and sustainable as possible in an urban setting. We have spent some time living and working on a permaculture farm in Spain where all food was produced on farm or in or near the local village. That experience highlighted for me how important it is to stay local, use what you have and let the seasons guide you. It also showed how important local and sustainable production is for building a strong and resilient community. It’s been a natural progression from growing food to perfume making and it’s very rewarding to be doing both.

What products do you make?

I create natural perfumes and soaps incorporating flowers and herbs that I have grown or wild harvested with essential oils, absolutes, resins and gums. I depend on seasonal abundance to dictate the direction of a new fragrance and I utilise extraction methods such as enfleurage, tincturing, dried flowers and herbs to bring the beauty of nature to my products. I love that I can connect with and see the journey from the garden to a finished fragrance.

I have a long list of new products and ideas that I hope to bring to life over time that are based on experiences, events and moments in time that I would love to capture in a fragrance.


What are your core business beliefs?

I believe in a simple, natural and genuine approach to all aspects of my business. My packaging is simple, recyclable, upcycled, re-usable and refillable. I’m always looking for ways to improve my products without increasing my footprint.

I’m inspired by all of the wonderful local producers we have in the area who are bringing the goods in ethical and sustainable production and at the same time building a strong and well connected community around them.

What does it mean to you to be part of the Great Lakes Food Trail?

I love the sense of community the trail brings and being connected with other people that are deeply passionate about what they do. I also really enjoy seeing the vibrancy the trail brings to the region and how much visitors and locals enjoy visiting the producers and connecting directly with farmers.

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