Nadine The Cake Queen

Using fresh produce straight from the farms on the Food Trail, Nadine bakes and decorates delicious cakes, desserts, and treats with flair.


Bespoke Cakes and Desserts are available by ordering directly:

Contact Nadine McCristal-Cavenagh
Call: 0413 514 570

Website: Find me on Facebook: NadineTheCakeQueen
Find me on Instagram: nadinethecakequeen

How did you get started in the dessert business?

I’ve been officially pastry cooking for 31 years! It’s my lifelong passion that began with creating the 3D Duck from The Australian Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book when I was in 5th Grade. Now I get to use fresh produce straight from the farms on the Food Trail and develop new recipes to showcase our amazing local produce!

What prompted you to start this Business?

I love doing my own thing! I never wanted an office job. I tried starting a cake business when we first moved up here but no one was ready for me then. I baked weekly for Playgroup so I could experiment and simply bake because I love it, then I became an ENJOpreneur, met more people and took cakes to demos to treat my customers. Life evolved and suddenly Pacific Palms was ready for Nadine the Cake Queen!

Nadine the dessert/potato/cake Queen has been my lifelong moniker. I Googled Nadine the Cake Queen to see if anyone had it registered and my personal profile on Facebook came up! I figured it was meant to be.


What products do you offer?

Treats from the sweet side of life from a healthier angle, catering for food intolerance and lifestyle choices because we should all be able to have our cake and eat it too! I love creating, baking and decorating delicious dessert cakes using fresh local produce and also love an opportunity to make special individual desserts and treats because not everyone needs a large cake!

The Food Trail is right up my alley! I never know what I’m making until the week before the date as I only use local produce and try to incorporate as many suppliers as I possibly can in the range of desserts for the day. When locals have excess fruit, they trade it with me and I make a range of preserves and condiments that then complement the other suppliers produce or use them in the cakes and desserts. They are also available to purchase.


What are your core business beliefs?

I love my job! I actually baked my way out of depression. It’s a very rewarding occupation and I only see very happy people! Lorraine Godsmark was my mentor at Rockpool Restaurant and is one of my best friends. She has an incredible gift and work ethic. I strive for fun & perfection each baking day!

What does it mean to you to be part of the Great Lakes Food Trail?

I love being part of something bigger than just me! I love the people involved and the community we have created. I love being able to push people’s boundaries by showcasing the amazing local produce in new and different ways and seeing the enjoyment on their faces as they taste each mouthful! It’s truly rewarding and makes everything worthwhile!


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