Topi Open Range Farm

Topi is a holistically managed family farm that focuses on the humane production of wholesome food.

Topi Open Range holds the highest possible certification for animal welfare, pasture raised produce and ecological assessment within Australia. Topi’s exceptional produce is the result of our regenerative farming practices and dedication to the animals.


Contact Sue Williams
Call: 0438 433 063

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Find us on Facebook: TopiOpenRange
Visit us: 1443 Wattley Hill Road, Topi Topi

Who is involved in the business?

Sue and Andrew Williams, Green Changers from Newcastle in 2011.

How did you get started in farming?

Andy always wanted to be a farmer having grown up on a merino farm in South East SA.


What prompted you to start this farm?

We started our journey when we moved to the Great Lakes and wanted to be able to source locally and ethically grown fresh produce, which we had trouble sourcing, so we thought, why not do it ourselves!

What do you produce?

Organic Pasture raised organically fed chicken and eggs.


What are your core business beliefs?

We were inspired by Allan Savory’s TED Talk on how to reverse climate change.

What does it mean to you to be part of the Great Lakes Food Trail?

We really like enjoying working with, and learning from other like-minded producers. We get a real buzz out of connecting the community with local and ethically grown produce.

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