Long Table Farm

We care deeply for the land, the animals raised on it, and the community that surrounds us. We believe that regenerative small-scale farming is an essential part of a sustainable future.

Long Table Farm to us represents a gathering of family friends and food. Our name represents community. Whilst our farm is a business, we also firmly believe in the saying “when you have more than you need, build a longer table not, a higher fence”.


Contact Brent Pakalniskis
Call: 0459 451 637
Email: longtablefarm@outlook.com

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Who is involved in the farm?

Husband and wife team Brent and Rebecca Pakalniskis head up the business with support from our sons and extended family.

How did you get started in farming?

The farm business has developed organically. We have always in some form provided food for ourselves and thought we could supply other families in the area with quality, ethically raised meats.

We lived in Fiji for a couple of years and were struck by the importance of living as self-sufficient as possible. For both yourself and the community surrounding you. We found the people there were more connected to each other and their food sources as a result.


What prompted you to start this farm?

Over time we had excess produce and when our neighbours and friends in the community heard about our produce and ethical practices, they wanted to purchase from us.

Our customers love that our animals are happy, grazing on grass and left to express their natural behaviours. We also want to be part of a positive change in the area.

We believe that more farmers/producers like us are needed to create a community that is more resilient and self-sufficient. We want to encourage the community to engage in where their food comes from and create a community of producers.

What do you produce?

Our main produce is pork. Then comes beef, lamb and hopefully in the near future rabbit and seasonal produce. We also offer nitrate free bacon and ham.


What are your core farming beliefs?

Our ethos is slow grown unconventional farming that encourages welfare, diversity, sustainability and regeneration of the land.

We refuse to give in to the pressure of expanding our capacity at risk of land degradation and animal welfare. We stand behind our beliefs in slow grown food, that is seasonally available and humanely raised. This means our supply may be inconsistent, but we know what we produce is of the best quality.

We also believe in loving what we do. Brent is the main animal man, he simply loves what he does. He loves the animals and you often find him leaning on the fence just observing them. Even if we weren’t trying to make this into a small business we would be still doing it.

What does it mean to you to be part of the Great Lakes Food Trail?

GLFT has been the first step in building a community of like-minded producers. It’s full of inspiring people who are contagious in their passion for what they do. We believe the GLFT is vital in connecting people and building a resilient, sustainable and more self sufficient community!


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